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Wooden Boardwalk Repair, Timber Boardwalk Restoration or Replacement

Timber Bridge Builders - Bridge Builders USA, Inc.Bridge Builders USA, Inc can repair a boardwalk due to storm damage, wood rot, a shift in the landscape, or improper construction. Our goals in boardwalk repair follow our environmentally conscious company philosophy. Whether it be a public access boardwalk complex, private home, or estate, our ecologically sensitive green construction methods have been our mission from the very first bridge we built to our more than one thousand installations that exist today.

Boardwalk RepairBoardwalk repairs may consist of many elements, so a site visit is preferred to access the damage. Storm repair may consist of tear out and replacement of the existing boardwalk including new piles as necessary. Boardwalk decking may be replaced or repaired based upon the extent of damage and budget of the project.

Should the damaged boardwalk need to be relocated, Bridge Builders can survey the site and rebuild the boardwalk across the property’s wetlands without ever traversing the sensitive lands with construction equipment.

Our team of boardwalk repair professionals responsible for design, engineering, management, and construction ensure the successful on-time, cost-effective completion of project and assure that your newly repaired boardwalk will fit beautifully into its natural setting.

For additional questions concerning your boardwalk repair, please call us directly at (800) 874-9403 so that we can best assist you.

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