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Timber Bridge Builders - Bridge Builders USA, Inc.Streamsong® Resort Golf Course Bridge Construction Project – Polk County, FL

HS20 timber vehicular bridge at Streamsong® Resort - Polk County, FL by Bridge Builders USA, Inc.The Streamsong® Resort Golf Course Bridge Construction Project in Polk County, FL, features 2 beautiful timber bridges on two world-class, 18-hole golf courses. Streamsong® Resort is on track to become one of Florida’s premier golf resort getaways.

The resort is being developed by The Mosaic Company, the world’s leading producer of crop nutrients made from phosphate mined in central Florida. Mosaic reclaims thousands of acres of previously mined lands each year for recreational, commercial and environmental uses. The company’s commitment to environmental stewardship was a key consideration in awarding Bridge Builders USA, Inc. the project to construct two bridges on the site of the resort’s golf courses, which are scheduled to open for play in fall 2012.

HS20 timber vehicular bridge at Streamsong® Resort - Polk County, FL by Bridge Builders USA, Inc.Bridge Builders USA, Inc. utilized “top-down” construction in setting the bridge piles at the former mine site. The project was especially challenging in that water levels in the lakes the bridges traverse had been temporarily drawn down by the developer to accommodate shaping of the adjacent landscape, creating a large differential from base to bridge deck.

Top-down construction, a design solution spearheaded by Bridge Builders USA, Inc. for the timber bridge industry, is an accelerated construction method whereby we can build timber bridges in wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas with minimal impact to the environment. The result: our bridges fit beautifully in their natural settings and are installed in a manner which helps preserve some of our nation’s prime environmentally sensitive areas and wetlands. View photos of the completed project in Men’s Journal Magazine Here and PGA Magazine Ambassador Program Destinations.

Relevant Project Elements:

  • Land Surveying
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Bridge Design
  • Preparation of Plans and Specifications for Multiple Bridges
  • Environmental Compliance