Timber Bridges by Bridge Builders USA, Inc.

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A Lifetime Commitment to Green Construction and Protecting the Environment

Bridge Builders USA Inc., is the country’s leading builder of ecologically sensitive vehicular timber bridges and public access boardwalk complexes. For more than 30 years we’ve been doing our part to preserve some of the most pristine landscapes on the planet through our commitment to always protecting the complete environmental footprint.

Photo Gallery - Boardwalks by Bridge Builders USA, Inc.From the beginning, we have been sensitive to the fact that we are building structures to carry vehicles and people through wetlands and other very special habitats. Accordingly, it is clear to us that wood is the ecologically sensitive material to use for green bridge construction.

Green not only applies to our environmentally-friendly material choice, but to our construction methods as well. Nearly thirty years ago, Bridge Builders USA, Inc. spearheaded design solutions for the timber bridge industry by developing “top-down” construction – an accelerated construction method whereby we can build timber bridges with minimal impact to the environment. The result: our bridges fit beautifully in their natural settings and are installed in a manner which helps preserve some of our nation’s prime environmentally sensitive areas and wetlands.

Green construction has been our mission from the very first bridge we built to our more than one thousand installations that exist today. For Bridge Builders, green construction is not a trend. It’s the core of our company.

Download A Lifetime Commitment to Green Construction and Protecting the Environment PDF Here